Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bus Blog 16: Walls

During the next week, walls continued to go up and were clad with plywood.  If I had any spare insulation, I used it to fill the hollow cores of the new walls.  Every little bit of sound deadening I could get would help.
I managed to box and seal off the wheel-wells after running a pair of 1" plastic pipes through them for potential plumbing or electrical lines and filled the rest with foam insulation.
It was going good, in a few days most of the walls were up and I hadn't yet blown the speakers on my little radio.

To give you a better sense of how things were moving along, here's a sequence:

The shop was at the rear of the bus, we built the bathroom next.  It included both a toilet and bath area that could be easily connected or separated by a free swinging door.  Here's a picture of the back wall and toiletry closet being roughed-in.

Next, the front wall of the toilet room. back wall of the closet is framed.

The front wall of the closet is boxed...

...and framed...

...And clad.

I chose 2x3's for the framing of the interior walls as they were cheaper, smaller and lighter than 2x4's without sacrificing a ton of strength.  Since the interior walls wouldn't bear much load and were clad in ply, they didn't demand standard framing, so I saved money and space where I could.

Once the walls were in place, it was time to focus on a heat source.